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Don't settle for just any lash extension program. Choose the best and become the best. Enroll in our fully NALA Accredited lash extension education program today!


Are you looking to take your lash skills to the next level? Our 7 day Combo - Classic & Volume Lash Extension Program is the perfect way to do it!


Owner, Liz  Bussey,  is a working lash artist with 11+ years of experience, and she has spent the last 7 years developing this course into what it is today! She is a Multi-Award-Winning Lash Artist, Educator, and Lash Judge and all of that experience and knowledge is being brought into this program for you!

Our 7-day program offers several key benefits that set it apart from other 1 or 2 day options

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First of all, our program is more comprehensive. We deep dive into everything from lash mapping and styling to proper application and removal techniques, with a big focus on health & safety, with an additional certificate from Emily Lee’s IPAC program (Infection Prevention & Control), marketing, and business development. You'll receive thorough training and have enough hands-on days with Liz to feel confident to go off on your own, the next day, and start your own business or expand your current one! 


Additionally, our program offers more hands-on training than any other course in The Okanagan! To start,  you have the opportunity to cover all theory and beginner mannequin practice (completed alongside videos) along with practice application sheets, online! This is all done at your own pace and must be completed when you arrive at the In-Person class. The Hands-On portion of the program starts with 3 days of Classic Lash Application and One Day of Volume Lash Application. This means that you'll leave the program feeling confident in your ability to apply and remove lashes, and to provide your clients with the best possible experience! 


Finally, our 7-day program offers a more supportive community. Over the course of the program, you'll get constant and detailed feedback, because there is a max of 4 students per class. You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback and always have the opportunity for a follow-up anytime! I am always available to my students, for years to come! I want you to succeed, and will do whatever I can to help you be the BEST you can be! This creates the best environment to help you thrive and succeed as a lash artist! 


So if you're serious about taking your lash skills to the next level, don't settle for a 1 or 2-day program. Choose our 7-day Classic & Volume lash extension program and get the most comprehensive training and hands-on experience you need to succeed!

Cheap Lashes Aren’t Good & Good Lashes Aren’t Cheap!

Principles of Lash Artistry
Course Options

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Classic Lash Course

Includes a Deluxe Kit (valued over $700!)


Duration: 2 Days of Online Learning + Practice Materials Followed By 3 Days of Hands-On Training

Comprehensive Lash Training With a Mix of Practice Materials, Mannequin Practice and 3 Full Days of Hands-On Model Practice

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Volume Lash Course

Includes a kit (Valued at $300) 

2 Full Days of Hands On Learning!

You will learn Various Techniques, Safe Application Techniques, Wrapping, Weight Calculations for Lash Application, Styling, ReLash Appointments, Hybrid Sets and much more! 

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Combo  Course -Classic & Volume

Includes a HUGE Kit (Valued Over $1000!)


Duration: Hybrid Class - Part Online Learning Followed By In Person, Hands-On Learning!

The Most Comprehensive Lash Training, Covering All Aspects of Lashing, Both Classic and Volume Artistry! If you want to take your lash career to the next level, this is the class for YOU! 

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May 5th - 8th, 2023 


Vernon BC

Hybrid - Online & In-Person 

Classic & Volume Foundational Training


3 Days of Videos and Practice Materials (Online)

4 Days of In-Person, Hands-On Training!



May 5th - 8th, 2023 - SURREY!! 

June 12th - 15th, 2023

July 24th - 27th, 2023

September 25th - 28th, 2023

November 6th - 9th, 2023

December 18th - 21th, 2023


2-Day Volume - Vernon BC

◈ May 23rd & 24th, 2023

◈ July 15th & 16th, 2023

◈ September 23rd & 24th, 2023

◈ November 18th & 19th, 2023

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Student Reviews

Liz is such an amazing person and equally amazing teacher. I ALWAYS am telling my clients "if I hadn't gone to see Liz after feeling unsatisfied with my first course my lash career would be over" or "did you guys know I was trained by the women who won first place in lash wars"!

Liz made the class fun and enjoyable. Her standards are way beyond expectations so whether you're getting your lashes done by her or you're taking her class you will never be disappointed. Thank you Liz for going above and beyond to take the time to teach me properly and making the experience low stress and exciting!

Emily Lywood

Bliss Lashes

I took Liz's Lash Extension course ~ Principles of Lash Artistry in September 2016.

I went into the course feeling a bit nervous at the idea of working on people's eyes, it's such a delicate job and spot to work on my clients!

Liz right out of the gate made me feel so comfortable!

She is very knowledgable, with her perfect application lash by lash I finished my course feeling like "I got this!"

After the course was finished she was available to answer questions and help me troubleshoot through this new adventure of Lash Extension Application!

I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting into the Lash business! 

Harmony Aven

Inspire Skin & Laser - South Surrey

I upgraded my lash training with Liz after orginally training through another lash company. I always felt that I had so much more to learn that I maybe didn't learn from my first course. I was amazed with the amount of information and detail Liz provides in her training. She is extremely thorough, patient and an amazing teacher! She is really a wealth of knowledge when it comes to lashes! She was also able to help me troubleshoot through some issues I was encountering that I had originally never learned about. I now feel confident that I'm giving my clients amazing lashes they deserve. I highly recommend Liz and her incredible lash training!

Lisa Kloppenburg

Lashes By Lisa

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Glow Lashes Training Academy Inc. seeks to foster the development of our students throughout their entire education and are passionate about creating the most Comprehensive Lash Extensions Programs available.


Glow Lashes Training Academy Inc. offers the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. This is why the NALA Academy Accreditation was so important! This shows that we care about your education and will ALWAYS strive to give you the best possible lash education available! 


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